Qin Yinglin

#3 by Generosity Index with 0.54%

#1 Individual Donor by Total Amount ¥803 Million

Age: 55

Province: Henan

Industry: Consumer

Qin Yinglin, President of Muyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Muyuan Foods Co., Ltd. In 2020, he donated Muyuan shares with a market value of 800 million RMB to the Westlake Education Foundation in Zhejiang. The donated shares and their returns are intended to support basic research and frontier technological innovation at Westlake University, as well as contribute to talent development, teaching, and research activities at the university. Additionally, he made a total donation of 8.3 million RMB to the Henan Charity Federation in five contributions, aiming to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Statistics

¥803 Million Donated

#1 Individual Donor

Generosity Index 0.54%

#3 Most Generous