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Evergrande Group

#2 Organizational Donor by Total Amount ¥2586.5 Million

Province: Guangdong

Industry: Real Estate

Evergrande Group, a privately owned, diversified real estate conglomerate based in Guangdong Province, topped our list of major donors from 2017 to 2020. Despite being one of the most indebted companies in Asia, in 2020 Evergrande continued giving to some of the poorest regions of China, focusing on poverty alleviation, and targeted such giving to government-administered charitable foundations. Evergrande donated RMB 1.1 billion (¥124.46 million) to Guizhou Province and RMB 600 million ($87.24 million) to Guangdong Province for poverty alleviation.

2020 Statistics

¥2586.5 Million Donated

#2 Organizational Donor