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Dang Yanbao

#10 by Generosity Index with 0.51%

#6 Individual Donor by Total Amount ¥301.76 Million

Age: 46

Province: Ningxia

Industry: Energy and Natural Resources

Dang Yanbao is the President of Ningxia Baofeng Group Co., Ltd. and the Chairman of the Ningxia Yanbao Charitable Foundation. Ningxia Baofeng Group is an energy and chemical company. Dang Yanbao was born in Yanchi County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in 1973. In 2019, he donated 302 million yuan to the Ningxia Yanbao Charitable Foundation to support charitable activities including education and poverty alleviation and promote social harmony and progress.

2019 Statistics

¥301.76 Million Donated

#6 Individual Donor

Generosity Index 0.51%

#10 Most Generous