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China Three Gorges Corporation

#1 Organizational Donor by Total Amount ¥2609.21 Million

Province: Beijing

Industry: Energy and Natural Resources

China Three Gorges Corporation (Three Gorges Group) was founded by the State Council in 1993 and state-owned in 2017. Three Gorges Group's main businesses include Hydropower Construction & Management, Power Generation and affiliated technologies & services. Three Gorges Group is exclusively in charge of the Three Gorges Project, currently the largest Hydropower company worldwide and the largest Clean Energy company nationwide. In 2019, Three Gorges Group donated RMB 2.20 billion to Three Gorges Group Charity Foundation for Jinsha River Hydropower Base, Changjiang River Protection Project, targeted poverty alleviation, etc. It also gave Sichuan Poverty Alleviation Foundation RMB 400 million for poverty alleviation targeting Liangshan, Panzhihua, and Yibin.

2019 Statistics

¥2609.21 Million Donated

#1 Organizational Donor