Pony Ma

#37 by Generosity Index with 0.08%

#6 Individual Donor by Total Amount ¥200 Million

Age: 49

Province: Guangdong

Industry: Internet and Communication Technology

Pony Ma is one of the founders, current chairman, and chief executive officer of Tencent. Established in November 1998, Tencent Holdings Limited is one of the largest Internet integrated service providers and one of the Internet companies with the largest number of service users in China. Pony Ma was born in Hainan Province. He moved to Shenzhen from Hainan in 1984 and graduated from Shenzhen University. He is a delegate in the 12th National People's Congress, also serves as a member of the National People's Congress (Guangdong Province), vice president of the China Network Social Organization Federation, and the honorary founding member of the Westlake University. In September 2018, Pony Ma donated $30.2 million to Shenzhen University, encouraging the professors and sponsoring the graduates of Shenzhen University to study abroad.

2018 Statistics

¥200 Million Donated

#6 Individual Donor

Generosity Index 0.08%

#37 Most Generous